Why Data Augmentation?


Have you ever encountered a situation where your machine learning model models the training data exceptionally well but fails to perform well on the testing data i.e. was not able to predict test data? This situation can be dealt with regularization in Machine learning.

Overfitting happens when a model learns…

The principal goal of machine learning is to create a model that performs well and gives accurate predictions in a particular set of cases. In order to achieve that, we need machine learning optimization.

Machine learning optimization is the process of adjusting the hyperparameters in order to minimize the cost…

Brief overview of neural networks

The brain receives the stimulus from the outside world…

If you are in any technical profession, I am sure someone at some point has asked you this question. …

Definition Of Internet Of Things

IoT systems have applications across…

Definition Of The Machine Learning


Salmen Zouari

Tunisian software engineer

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